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snr-pic-4About SNRSwapneel “SNR” Ukhalkar is a music producer, DJ and software engineer from San Francisco. He spent most of his childhood tinkering with computers and designing algorithms. He has garnered support from some of the world’s biggest DJs and his discography includes releases on numerous major EDM labels like Arrival (Silk Digital), Adrian & Raz, Macarize and Black Hole Recordings.  People know me for my unique and customized live setups with various MIDI controllers when I perform.

I studied software at UCSB and Carnegie Mellon, and then worked at Cisco Systems on their Telepresence video conferencing solution for over 3 years. Also, pretty much all of my good friends are in the SF startup scene 🙂


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meansfunctionAbout Means+FunctionI’ve been spinning for about five years now and producing for a little over three. San Francisco is a world of inspiration for both–we live amidst an embarrassment of riches in terms of home-grown talent and touring acts. My first love in dance music was trance, but I quickly branched out into the deeper side of the scene–progressive, melodic techno, and tech house. My producer/DJ idols are Sasha, Richie Hawtin, and Adam Beyer. I’m currently loving the sounds of Andre Sobota and Guy J.

I’m an intellectual property litigator at a Silicon Valley law firm. A significant part of my practice is defending tech companies against lawsuits brought by patent trolls.

DJThatGirlDJ Thatgirl

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About DJ ThatgirlI think DJs, musicians, and artists in general have the power to shape culture and values of society. I tend to gravitate towards music with reflective themes, nostalgic rhythms, uplifting vibes, and righteous lyrics — music that brings the listener back to the soul. 

I work for a start-up graphic design crowdsourcing San Francisco based company called 99designs.


corphonesDJ Cor

blog soundcloud

About DJ CorI’ve been spinning for about 15 years now, background mostly in funky house and breaks. Recently however, I’ve really attached myself to the growing electro swing movement, as you’ll no doubt discover on my soundcloud page. I’m always searching for music that appeals to people no matter their music background, and the mixture of old jazz and swing with new dance beats really seems to bring everyone into the fold.

I’m a producer at Zynga. Specifically focused on mobile, I’ve produced a number of different iOS and Android games over the last four years.

Kid Alien Press shotKid Alien

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About Kid Alien: I’m a classically trained vocalist and pianist, and currently work as an electronic music songwriter/vocalist/producer/DJ. I sing and DJ at the same time using a vocal effect that I call the “Kid Alien” effect. Musical inspirations include Armin van Buuren, Radiohead, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Eric Whitacre, Beethoven.

I have had track releases on Armind, Armada, Cr2, Zouk, and LessThan3. My first track was signed by Armin van Buuren to his personal imprint and was included on Universal Religion 5 (The Atmosphere).

I am the editor of LessThan3, which has an emphasis on electronic music and the culture surrounding it..

Wiley Webb DJ

Wiley Webb

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About Wiley WebbI’m majoring in CS with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction and stay fully up to date on the latest in tech, particularly as it relates to design and music.

I’m a contributing writer at DJZ and will be developing an innovative music identity platform for LessThan3.com this summer. Also this summer, I’m working part time at Fame House, the music marketing group responsible for the revolutionary Pretty Lights – BitTorrent partnership. On 3/4ths time, I will also be developing a collaborative music score annotation system for large orchestras at eScoreMusic.


404Beats is already accepting submissions next year’s event. Here are the rules:

  • DJs should be connected to the tech industry 
  • DJs should be experienced spinners. (vinyl, CDJ, Serato)
  • DJs will be asked to promote and should be able to draw a crowd.
  • The gig is technically pro bono but 404Beats will provide goodies and promotion, courtesy of our sponsors.


  • Contact Info

  • Media

  • About your DJ act